Plank Owners

A "plank owner" is an individual who was a member of the crew of a ship when that ship was placed in commission. Originally, this term applied only to crewmembers present at the ship's first commissioning. Today, however, it is often applied to members of a recommissioning crew as well. "Plank owner" is not an official Navy term, and has consequently been variously defined by different Navy units.

Last Name First Name MI Aboard Dept Div Rank
Abel George F 1961-64 Air V-6 AMH3
Ackerman Paul G 1961-64 Operations OE ET3
Allard Frank L 1961-64 Air V-6 ADJ3
Alosi James C 1961-63 Operations CATCC LTJG
Anderson Randolph G. 1961-63 Engineering E EM3
Bahr Stephen M 1961-65 Air V-6 Ensign
Banik John F 1961-70 Operations OI RD2
Barker Kenneth E. 1961-64 Engineering E IC
Batten Joseph P. 1960-62 Air V-2 ABE-2
Beese Robert G. 1961-64 Air V-6 AT1
Bennett Raymond C 1961-63 Supply S-1 E3
Benoit Rene E. 1961-64 Engineering R SF1
Bent Bruce O 1961-63 Engineering E EM2
Berry, Jr. John A. 1961-63 Air V-3 ABAN
Best James  T. 1961-63 Air V-3  
Blappert,Jr. Christopher C 1961-63 Air Supply E-3
Bobbitt Charles L. 1960-64 Weapons 5th E3
Brown Bruce W. 1960-62 Air V-2 LCDR
Bucknam Gordon D. 1961-63 Air V-4 E3
Burke William J. 1961-64 Air V-6 E5
Canell Laurence R. 1961-64 Operations OI RD2
Canfield Larry C 1960-63 Excutive X- Div PN3
Caria Anne   1961-63 Weapons 3rd  
Carlee,SR Johny O. 1961-64 Communications CS SM1
Carlisle James W. 1961-64 Engineering E EM2
Caron  Burwell J 1961-63 Supply S-6 E3
Casa Joe   1960-65 Engineering M MM1
Castellaw Don A. 1961-63 Air V-1, V-5 E3
Cecil Robert L. 1961-62 Air V-6 ADR3
Cerwonka Camille   1960-62 Engineering       ? LT
Chassar Robert P. 1961-63 Air V-4 ABF3
Christensen Richard A. 1960-63 Air V-2 E3
Cole Willard A. 1960-64 Air V-2 ABE3
Coleman Cecil A. 1961-62 Operations OI RDC
Corban David W. 1961-64, & 66-69 Air V-2 PO1
Cosom Cleveland G. !961-66 Weapons 4th E4
Cottenmyre Robert E 1960-65 Air V-2 ABE-2
Culp  Forrest  N 1961-63 Engineering E FN
Curtis James E. 1961-64 Air V-1 ABH2
Davis Mark D 1960-63 Engineering E E-5
Distefano Greg J 1961-64 Air V4 / V-3 AN
Dostie Thomas B. 1961-65 Engineering M MM2
Dubsky Dennis J 1961-62 Executive Personnel PN3
Dumbaugh Jr. Dick W 1960-68 Engineering M MM1
Epstein Phillip M. 1961-63 Air V-3 SA
Evans Skip   1961-64 Operations OI RD2
Everitt Albert R. 1961-63 Engineering A E3
Fager Roy A. 1961-63 Navigation N QM3
Felice Ronald A 1961-64 Weapons 1st Ltjg
Ford Dale A. 1961-64 Weapons 2nd E3
Franklin, Sr. Melvin R. 1961-62 Engineering B BT1
Franzone Francis J. 1961-62 Communication   RM3
Gandy Phillip G. 1961-62 Air V-2  
Garrett James R. 1961-63 Medical Dental DT3
Gass James O 1961-63 Air V-4 ABF3
Geelan Gerald E. 1960-64 Engineering B BT3
Glidden Earle H. 1961-63 Operations OP  
Gonsalves Tony P. 1961-63 CAG-13 VA-134 ADJ3
Goodreau Vincent H. 1961-64 Supply S2 E4
Gorczyca Bert R. 1961-64, 70-74, 76-77 Air V-2  ABCM
Green Larry L. 1961-63/70-73 Engineering E-Div EM2/EMC
Gregory Donald G. 1961-63 Weapons G Division Officer Lt / LCDR
Gulinello Joseph J. 1961-64 Weapons, Air G, V-2 Airman
Harden Levi   1961-64 Supply S-1 SK3
Hennessy Daniel F. 1961-63 Marine Det W Cpl
Herchenroder Robert J. 1961-63 Air V-3 AN
Hersey Doug G. 1961-63 Weapons 3rd SN
Hewitt William   1960-61 Weapons G-Div E-3
Hitchcock Roger D. 1960-65 Weapons G AO3
Hollenkamp Gerald E 1961-62 Air V-6 ADR3
Holmes Maurice  W. 1960-62 Engineering B E3
Horowitz Martin L. 1961-62 Weapons G GM3
Horner Charles N 1961-64 Engineering E-Div EM2
Hurley John J 1961-63 Air V-4 ABFAN
Jackson Robert J 1961-63 Supply S-1 SK3
James Ronald G 1961-63 Medical H HM3/2
Johnson Robert E. 1960-62 Operations CIC O3
Kassabian Edward J. 1961-63 Weapons G AN
Kennedy Daniel F. 1961-63 Air V-3 ABH3
Kesler Peter T. 1961-64 Engineering E EM2
Kessler Benjamin E. 1961-64 Engineering A FN  passed Sept 08
Klepper Harlan L. 1960-65 Engineering E EM3
Kong Richard M 1961-63 Weapons 4th BM2
Kostoff Carl   1961-65 Weapons G AO2
Kotowski Joseph G  1961-63 Engineering E EM3
Kramer, Jr. Dr. Howard S. 1961-63 Medical Dental CDR
Lane Robert W. 1961-63 Weapons FOX LT
Leard Frank D. 1960-62 Air V-1 ABH2
Lee Delbert C 1960-64 Weapons G AO1
Leonard Ross F. 1961-64 Engineering E EM2
Lindsey Joe W 1961-63 Engineering V-2 E-3
Luttrell Bill A. 1961-63 Operations OI E3
Machado Joseph E 1961-62 Air VF-51 EMSAN
Mackety Rodney J. 1961-64 Engineering  R DC2
Madsen  Robert A 1961-63 Engineering M MM2
Mahon Robert A 1961-63 Engineering A-Div MR3
Manuszak Norbert J 1961-66 Air V-2 ABE2
Manzi James M 1961-64 Medical H HM2
Marinella Richard A. 1961-64 Weapons G AO3
Matsch Gene   1960-63 Executive X div LTjg
McCabe Judy J. 1961-66      
McCaffrey John W 1960-65 Engineering B-Div CWO4
McCusker Paul A. 1961-63 Air V-1 ABH3
Mendoza Aurtio   1961-62 Engineering A MR2
Midili John   1961-63 Operations OP PT2
Miksitz Michael F. 1961-62 Executive X LI3
Milavec Jerold J 1961-64 Air v-1 ABH-2
Millies Henry F 1960-63 Weapons 6th  PO2
Minard Thelma   1961-64 Executive X CDR
Mininger Ava   1961-63 Weapons G AO3
Moore Brian M. 1961-63 Weapons G AO2
Morris Billy Ray 1961-63 Engineering E IC2P2
Morrison Charles N 1961-63 Supply S-1 E-2
Moss James H 1961-63 Supply S-6 AKAN
Mowery Ross T 1961-63 Weapons Marine Det CPL
Mueller Robert E 1961-62 Operations OP PH3
Mueller William L. 1961-63 Weapons 5th BMSN
Mullins Douglas G 1961 Weapons 2nd  
Newbold Greg   1961-66, 78-80 Weapons 3rd BM2/CWO-4
Norton Timothy P. 1961-63 Supply Stores SN
O'Keefe Frank S. 1961-64 Weapons 5th BMSN
Ostergren Gene D. 1961-63 Weapons 4th / 5th BM3
Peple Stephen G 1961-63 Air/OP V-1/Photo PH3
Picone Ronald H. 1961-64 Air V-4 ABF2
Plump Dr. Ellsworth H. 1961-63 Medical Dental Lcdr,Capt ,Retired USN
Reiger Paul   1961 Executive Chaplain  
Reiser Robert C. 1961-62 Engineering R SF3
Ribak Stephen J. 1961-63 Weapons G SN
Rice John W 1961-63 Air V-1 ABH3
Rice Richard E. 1961-64 Weapons 3rd SN
Richard Joseph H. 1960-65 Supply S-3 SH3
Rigterink Sydney A. 1960-63 Medical Dental Capt.USN Retired
Rippin Thelma O. 1961-64 Engineering A EN3
Roberts Thomas A. 1961-63 Supply S-1 SKSN
Robison Linda   1961-64 Engineering R DC3
Roche Joseph  H. 1961-63 Operations OP LCDR
Roller Myron D. 1960-64 Weapons G AO2
Romeo Richard H. 1961-63 Weapons G AO3
Rumens Fay E. 1961-65 Engineering R DC1
Rushing Delbert G. 1961-63 Air V4 /V5 E4
Russomano Michael H. 1961-63 Weapons 3rd SM, BM
Ryan Richard B 1961-63 Weapons G AO1
Samples Spencer D. 1961-62 Air, Weapons 3rd, 5th BM3
Sanoba Theodore H. 1961-63 Marine Det. W PFC
Sarver Mary   1961-66, 68-72 Operations OI E3,4,5,6
Satalino Patrick N 1961-63 Supply S-1 SN
Scalzott Donald J. 1960-62 Weapons G, MAA AO2
Schmitt Donald H 1961-63 Engineering A E3
Schmitt Joseph C. 1961-63 Air V-1 ABH3
Scholl Donald J. 1960-62 Air V-2 ABE2
Searle Rick   1961-63 Weapons Marine Det Capt
Segalla John C. 1961-63 Air V-4 E3
Shaw Dennis M. 1961-63 Engineering E EM2
Sieminski James   1961-63 Communations   C3
Skarnellis David B. 1960-65 Engineering E E5
Smerekanicz William J. 1961-62 Supply S-1 SK1
Smith Mildred   1961-62 Weapons 1st LT LT
Swinnerton Larry C. 1961-63 Air V-1 E-3
Taylor Wayne A. 1961-66 Engineering A MM1
Tindall Robert C 1961-63 Weapons Marines CPL
Tolomeo Joseph P. 1961-63 Air V-4 ABF3
Toye Thomas F 1961-63 Engineering E ICFN
Trolinger Guy M 1961-63 Engineering A E3
Trotman Edward T 1961-63 Weapons Marine Det E-4
Turnbull Willard R 1961-62 Engineering E ICFN
Uzupes Anthony C. 1961-62 Air V-3 AN
Van Der Linden Gary   1961-63 Executive X-Div E-4
Vogel Philip E 1961-62 Weapons Fox YN3
Vohden Ray A. 1961-63 Air V-2  
Wasson John P 1961-64 Engineering E E-3
Waters John R 1961-64 Air V-4 ABFC
Waugaman Gerald L. 1961-63 Communication CR RM3
Wedeking Estelle   1961-64 Air V-4 E4
Westgate Shari   1961-63 Engineering A-4 E-5
White Wendell A 1961-63 Air V-6 Lcdr
White Jack   1961- Air VA-133 SCOP
Whiteher Barry R 1959-63 Weapons 3rd Div SN
Whitford Richard L. 1960-64 Engineering E EM2
Wilfong Gerald R 1961-64 Air V-1 ABHAN
Wood Stephen D 1961-63 Air V-1 E-3
Woody Audley F 1961-63 Supply S-2 CS3
Wymbs Jr. Edward J 1961-63 Operations IC       E-4
Zembroski Steven S. 1961-64 Engineering E EM3

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